#BlackFriday Here are some Paid Apps and Icon Packs from Google Play Store available for free

Black Friday is almost here and there are many great offers coming out, now I have found out some apps and icon pack which are basically paid ones which Google is providing it for free of cost.So what are you waiting for? go ahead and download the apps and games for free. Apps:Power Audio Pro Music Player which...

Android Messages app got support for payments, Duo integration.

Default Google Messaging App Android Messages has got a major update with some new features added to the app.The new addition is now Android Messages app support payments via Google Wallet and also comes with Duo integration.There is no change in the UI and now the size of the app has been reduced.The first feature is the Payment support...

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T receiving Oreo Update sooner than expected

OnePlus recently launched the  OnePlus 5T and also announced the Android Oreo Update date which OnePlus 5 and 5T will be updated to Android Oreo by end of 2017.Today OnePlus is pushing out the Android 8.0 OTA update on last year launched devices with OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.If you own either OnePlus 3 or 3T then here is good...

Samsung may introduce Vapor Chambers for better heat dissipation in 2019

Samsung introduced the heat pipe with Samsung Galaxy S7 and is been used on all Samsung S- series and Note series devices used them to prevent overheating.Now as per Samsung Supply chain sources claim that Samsung will stick to Heat pipes for upcoming Samsung devices which are launching in 2018.Heat pipes are slightly costly so we can find them only...

Intel launches 5G and 4G LTE modems

Intel announces the new modems that are compatible with 5G radios and 4G LTE networks.The new 5G modem which was unveiled yesterday was the Intel XMM 8000 series.The new 5G modem is compatible with both networks running on high frequency and sub-6 GHz frequency range. Carriers can now use high range frequencies to provide high data transfer speed and...

Daily Fish launched in Bengaluru

Baby Marine, Global leaders in the Sea-food Industry with over 4-decades of experience in serving the freshest fish across the World, is now foraying into Bengaluru.Baby Marine has started its operation in Bengaluru and launched the Daily Fish app today in Bengaluru after launching it in Ernakulam and Trivandrum.With the launch of the Daily Fish app in Bengaluru, one...

Google Android 8.1 will create space from inactive apps.

Google launched its latest iteration of Android with Android Oreo or Android 8.0 and within few months of launch, we already have the new update which is still in process with Android 8.1. We all are facing lack of internal space due to huge app data, images music etc which take most of the space from mobile internal storage.As...

Samsung to launch smaller 5 inches Infinity Display smartphone

Samsung is all set to launch a compact sized smartphone having a bezel-less display as per rumors.So this is the first smartphone for those who are looking for compact smartphone having a bezel-less display.As per leakster @IceUniverse, the upcoming Samsung smartphone will feature 5 inches full-screen display.Earlier we have seen many devices having a bezel-less display but all were having...

Health with technology is defined by MyTherapy

Technology is defined to ease our lives. We continue to redefine our lives every day consciously and most of the times subconsciously, with the very use of the variety of mobile apps in our smartphones.A country as big and diverse like India with 300 million smartphones but with poor health record where 5.2million dies each year from various diseases,...

Apple Vs Samsung: Samsung ordered to pay 120 million USD to Apple for Patent Infringement

Apple had filed the patent infringement issue over the Samsung for using the slide to unlock and quick links which were exclusive to Apple and Samsung just copied these features which led Apple filing the case in mid-2014. From then on it was a number of additional review over the patent infringement by appellate bodies.In late, 2016 the US...