Google launched its latest iteration of Android with Android Oreo or Android 8.0 and within few months of launch, we already have the new update which is still in process with Android 8.1. We all are facing lack of internal space due to huge app data, images music etc which take most of the space from mobile internal storage.

As the days are going one manufacturer are going with hybrid-SIM tray solution where user can either opt for Dual SIM or one SIM card and another slot for microSD card which is again a con where countries like India people do opt for Dual SIM and lack of dedicated slot makes user uninstall some of the unused apps at times to create some space.With days going on smartphone brands are even launching higher storage options like now we have base storage of min 16GB and as high as 64GB under mid-tier segment.So with this latest update, the Android OS automatically will reduce the space from unused apps and create some free space.

As per ASOP framework mentions a new feature called automatically flag apps as inactive which will clear cache memory from the inactive apps and create storage space.The OS will only consider the app as inactive only if the app has not used recently in the foreground and app package is not been used by other apps.The apps which are marked inactive will not have any cache files which create more space for the user.

As of now many of the brands are still optimising the Android 8.0 update for its devices and it might take some more time for them to complete optimise this feature and push the Android 8.1 update for the devices.