Review: SJCAM SJDASH car dash cam

 SJCAM has become one of the biggest players in the action camera market thanks to devices like the SJ5000X Elite and SJ6 Legend. And now it's come up with a product targeting a different audience.The SJDASH is SJCAM's first dash cam and, just like the other devices in the company's range, it is designed to appeal to consumers looking...

REVIEW: Dromos Bluetooth Tracker

Lost & Found …within no time at all!We all love the electronic gadgets and the convenience they bring to our lives. And in search of conveniences, we end up purchasing multiple such utility gadgets. Before we even realize, our house has turned into a mini showroom of modern electronics gadgets. But all this convenience counts for nothing when the...

Bike Computer an App for cycling lovers.

Do you love riding Bicycle? or do you own one and don't use it much then you should start using it from now on with this is a great app built specially for Cycling activity tracker called the Bike Computer. The app is beautifully designed and is simple to use.It is an app which tracks your cycling activity. Not just...

Review: Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

There is huge competition under budget Earphones segment and everyone needs the best sound and good built quality which last longer, but under budget there are some compromises done by brands to reduce cost. So today we are reviewing the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II in ear headphones which comes at price of Rs.800 which fluctuate between Rs.600 to Rs.800...