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Previous leaks we saw many leaks showing the first look of the new Android 12 along with some of the new features. Now XDA Developer has just got another leak that reveals the features along with the official name of the OS.

As per the source, the upcoming Google Android 12 OS will get a new name as Snow Cone. Yes, we saw the trend of naming its OS with popular deserts, and yet again Google’s upcoming Android 12 will get the name Snow Cone. The XDA revealed that there is mention of sc everywhere in the source code that confirms the popular sweet Snow Cone. Sadly, with Android 10 and above Google has stopped naming the OS instead it just calling with the version number.

The source also mentioned some of the major features of the upcoming Android 12 OS. The new Android 12 OS will finally get its dedicated Gaming mode which we missed a lot on the vanilla version of Android. The Game mode will get a feature called Game Manager service which Google service to manage game-related features. It is nothing but to control some of the system settings like auto-brightness, autorotation, toggle the Do Not Disturb mode.

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Google will also introduce another feature called Reduce Bright Colors which is now called Reduce Brightness which will be available on the default quick tile. It will help users with visual impairment.

Further, there is also another feature that we really need with auto rotation. We saw on many deices unnecessary screen rotation while placing the deice on a flat place. So to overcome this issue Google is not adding some AI features to make it much smarter. Probably it could use the selfie camera to orient the display.