Baby Marine, Global leaders in the Sea-food Industry with over 4-decades of experience in serving the freshest fish across the World, is now foraying into Bengaluru.Baby Marine has started its operation in Bengaluru and launched the Daily Fish app today in Bengaluru after launching it in Ernakulam and Trivandrum.

With the launch of the Daily Fish app in Bengaluru, one can now able to order the widest range of sea-foods of International quality standards at par with market rates.The Daily Fish serves ready to cook seafood which is as good as live with all nutrients retained.

The Daily Fish has world-class cold chain management which consists of factories strategically located close to fish catchment areas, which ensures the freshness of the fish when they arrive at the factory. At the factories, use imported freezers which are patented Impingement technology to freeze the fish at -40 degrees C to achieve core temperatures of -18 degrees C.Which will kill the growth of bacteria and locks the nutrition of the fish while also retaining the aroma, taste, and texture of the fish.The fish is transported from the factories to the distribution hub in temperature controlled vehicles.All deliveries will go from hubs in custom designed, certified and tested delivery bags to withstand the temperatures up to 5 hours.

All the products at Daily Fish undergo Chemical, freshness and Microbiology test at Internationally Accredited labs in-line with Food Safety Audits established by BRC, IFS, FSSAI while also following the HACCP.
Daily Fish will be delivering the orders in two slots between 7:30 AM- 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM in Bengaluru.The Daily Fish app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

The launch offer includes Seer Fish which cost Rs.520/- for 500 grams is now available for the price of Rs.199/- by just applying the coupon code BLR199 at the checkout. Note: This offer is only available for one order each user.