There is huge competition under budget Earphones segment and everyone needs the best sound and good built quality which last longer, but under budget there are some compromises done by brands to reduce cost. So today we are reviewing the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II in ear headphones which comes at price of Rs.800 which fluctuate between Rs.600 to Rs.800 under various Online platform.
So it the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II worth it ? or you have to just ignore, let’s have a detail review for the same.

Build Quality: The build quality of the earphones is not good at all. The wire is so thin that if you pull it will surely break so you have to be careful while using these earphones.Wires are not tangle free at times we need to set it properly.It is completly made of plastic and we can’t guarantee you it will last longer as it has the worst built quality I ever seen in earphone.If you are rough user then these earphones are not for you, just ignore this earphone.

Weight: It just weighs 5g and it is lightest earphone as it is completely made out of plastic.

Sound:Probably bad built quality will not affect the sound quality at all, it has the best sound quality at this price segment which none other earphone will provide you. It has extra Bass which at times will improve the sound output and also it offers loud sound output from any Smartphone you use.It has gold plated 3.5 mm pin.It is equipped with 16 Ohms impedance,20 Hz to 20,000Hz frequency response & 110 dB sound pressure level.It gives you the descent sound output if you are Bass lover if you try playing Metallic or Hard rock then sound will be like irritating as the sound gets compressed and will not get the best experience. So strictly for bass lovers and Sound output will also depends upon what device you use.

Additional: It comes with additional ear tips in the box which can be changed depending upon your ear size.It is comfortable to wear and light in weight. The biggest plus point of this headphone is it comes with 2 Year warranty which none other earphone manufacturer is providing.

Verdict: It is great pair of earphones but for the price what it sells we can compromise with built quality and will not recommend for rough user as it is poorly built.It offers great sound output at the price and also you can have look at this if you are out for budget earphone.

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