Do you love riding Bicycle? or do you own one and don’t use it much then you should start using it from now on with this is a great app built specially for Cycling activity tracker called the Bike Computer.

The app is beautifully designed and is simple to use.It is an app which tracks your cycling activity. Not just that you can even check the Speed of the bike or how fast you are moving running that to in real time.It also tracks the total distance travelled.The app also shows the Heart rate for more accurate calorie calculation.It also shows us the Average speed and does not takes into consideration about the stops at the junction.Bike Computer app also tracks the elevation gained during cycling which an cycling experts need the most.It also record the elapsed time. You can also check out Best gear cycles in India

Bike Computer app also has an special feature called Keep Me Safe which is an accident detection system which is not free but you need to pay an premium for the safety feature.KEEP ME SAFE™ continuously monitors various sensors on your mobile phone. Analyzes the signals from the gyroscope, GPS and the compass and accurately detects when an accident has occurred. In case of an accident notifies your emergency contacts the location and speed of your accident.This feature also filters out the false alarm and only notifies the real accidents caused.In case of accidents it notifies your favourite contacts with location and speed of the accident.

The app can even connect with any of the fitness tracker and HR monitors via bluetooth. You can even share your stats with your friends with beautifully designed overlays,express your passion for cycling with awesome stickers; and make your cycling photographs more beautiful for sharing on Instagram and Facebook .

Bike Computer is a must have app for every cycling enthusiast.The Bike Computer App is free app and available for download on Google PlayStore and AppStore.