There are many Free logos creating websites on the internet and we have got one of them with the DesignEvo Logo Maker.The DesignEvo Logo Maker is one of the simplest ways to design a Logo with simple drag and drop feature.The website already comes with many readymade logos which can be customized as per user requirement.

Design and UI:


The DesignEvo keeps the website simple and user-friendly. The website is super-light and completely no ads which makes the website fast and responsive and not take much time to load unlike some other free logo creating a website.

DesignEvo 2

The DesignEvo comes with simple UI and helps anyone to make the logo without the need for any experts help.It also comes with some of the templates which are almost ready to use and can be customized further as per user requirement.


DesignEvo 3

Unlike many other free logos making websites, the DesignEvo too offer may options like we can even customize the large range of templates and make a completely new logo.There is also an option to start from scratch so one can design their own logo with the help of the tool.

DesignEvo 4


There is a wide range of icons and shapes which can be used to design your logo and has also got few customizable texts with an option of changing the color of the text and also adding some attractive art which many other websites to offer.

Sadly there is no option of importing icons or changing the background with third-party wallpapers which is the major con of the website.Anyway, we can’t expect much as it offers free logo.


There is nothing called free in this world everything has its own limitation and this website to has got few limitations.The DesignEvo can make a free logo but will offer us to download the low-quality Logo image under the free plan which is of no use as your blog or any business needs a high-quality image so that your clients and user identify your company for which you need to go with premium plans.

DesignEvo 5

The DesignEvo comes with two one-time payment premium plans one which will allow you to save and download the high-quality images with lifetime support and option of printing and re-editing the logo for the price of  $19.99 or Rs.1299/-.The other plan has an option of registering the logo for trademarks especially for Business users and comes with Vector PDF and SVG files which will cost you $39.99 or Rs.2599/-.

Sounds okay to pay as we get an option to file a trademark to your created logo so that one can’t copy your logo.Here is the quick tutorial to newbies who want to create the logo using the DesignEvo.


So finally a good alternative to all other free logo creators websites and also comes with better pricing and almost free to use for beginners.Unlike many other websites, ask the user to register and take all the details from a user this website doesn’t ask the user to register and anyone can download the image without registering which is plus point.


DesignEvo comes with certain limitation such as there is still no option of uploading custom wallpaper or icons or even adding new fonts which makes it a big let down for those looking to customize and make an attractive logo.Next is the low-quality image download option for free users which is again a letdown and now the option of saving the image under the free plan.There are still many icons missing such as news for which we didn’t find any icon, hope DesignEvo adds some more icons in the future.

Finally, a good alternative for those who are looking out for a free logo for their upcoming blogs or business do visit and check out the DesignEvo Logo Maker.