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#MWC2024 : HMD to launch Barbie flip Phone along with new Nokia Phones later this year.

At MWC 2024, HMD didn’t reveal any new devices, but it offered a few hints about its future.

The first partnership is between HMD and Mattel. In July, a Barbie-themed flip phone will be released. Barbie’s phone isn’t exactly known yet, yell, other than the obvious fact that it’s going to be pink. However, HMD specifies that this is a “retro feature phone,” not a clamshell with a foldable screen.

During its MWC event, HMD also revealed some Nokia news. HMD is moving away from the Nokia brand, as you might have heard recently. We are now receiving mixed messages since HDM’s MWC press release stated, “You’ll continue to see Nokia phones…”. The Nokia discontinuation won’t be sudden since HMD teased one more Nokia device coming in May 2024. Based on the pixelated image, the yellow device appears to be another retro “candy bar” device. However, we’re here to help.

In July, we can expect two HMD-branded smartphones. For now, we don’t have any information on these either.

The HMD global website now offers a first-version toolkit for developers and businesses, which contains design files and information on software integration. The announcement comes ahead of the official launch of HMD Fusion in the summer.

“Now anyone can find a phone and outfit combo that suits their needs. The company said there will be more updates to the development toolkit in the future.