According to reports, Samsung is developing its first 3nm chip for the next-generation Galaxy Watch. According to Biz Daily, Samsung’s first 3nm-based Exynos solution, likely dubbed the “Exynos W940,” will power the Galaxy Watch 7.

In 2021, Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4, which used Exynos chips based on the 5nm process. The upgrade to a 3nm chip is crucial for Samsung wearables for several reasons. Moreover, smaller chips are more energy-efficient and take up less space than larger chips. This is especially useful for smartwatches with limited battery life, such as the Galaxy Watch. With more free space inside the smartwatch, companies can increase the size of the battery, extending the device’s runtime.

It is also expected that a 3nm chip will be faster and more powerful than a 5nm chip. The Galaxy Watch 7 could benefit from improved performance across the board, from its general user interface to its fitness tracking functionality.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7 series is expected to hit the market in H2 2024, around the same time as Samsung’s foldable phone lineup. We’ll have to wait and see how the new watch performs and whether it meets users’ expectations.