Using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, Samsung revealed the new capabilities of the ISOCELL 200 MP sensor. There is no smartphone on the market with such hardware, so this is clearly a teaser for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Watch the 60-second video below, then read on for a breakdown of what’s inside.

While Zoom Anywhere automatically tracks subjects in a video, it also captures zoomed-out full-frame footage of the entire scene. In effect, the sensor captures two 4K video streams – one of the cropped area and one of the entire view, enabling you to change the framing afterward. It will work at both a 2x and a 4x zoom.

As it moves around the scene in any direction, including getting closer to the lens, the feature is said to automatically track subjects and keep them focused in real time. All of this while maintaining 4K resolution.

This approach to image processing is called E2E AI Remosaic. A photo is currently processed sequentially by the ISOCELL sensor – layer by layer, color by color. There will be parallel processing of color, tone, noise reduction, sharpening, HDR, demosaicing, white balance, and lens shading correction.

By improving capture speed by twice, processing time will be reduced and image quality will be improved.

It was confirmed that the Ultra will have a 200MP sensor and a Snapdragon flagship chipset, both of which Samsung says are “for illustrative purposes only.” Unpacked next year will confirm whether this is the case.