Conspicor IR Goggle

Indian company J C Michael Incorporation under license from LifeLine has designed a really advanced Artificial intelligence-based dual spectrum thermal screening goggle under smart glass series Conspicor. They became the primary Indian company to realize this platform. Conspicor IR Goggle system is capable of screening multiple people and from a secure distance up to three meters in any weather.

The Cochin University of Science and Technology alumina startup Code Bucket Solution has helped within the development of the algorithm for this Conspicor. Conspicor system is often used as a standalone solution and may be fitted into a Helmet or are often used with PPE. the merchandise is integrated by J C Michael Incorporation in their Kolkata unit and that they have completed a series of tests in Indian government approved labs.

Conspicor IR Goggle

The development team from LifeLine told that this technique is many generations ahead and powerful than competitors, especially Chinese competitors who had developed the IR based goggles and just added the IR camera. As Conspicor automatically target the forehead, whereas other IR or thermal camera must be focused at a person’s face and detect the temperature of the face, not forehead and therefore the chance of difference in temperature is up to 2 to three degree. Also, the Conspicor module is that the only design within the world which don’t have wifi Bluetooth or battery radiation within the glass which is serious danger for eyes and brain.

The Conspicor IR module has been developed with technical collaboration of several reputed international brands from the field of IT & life science. The component is from world-class companies like Intel, Sony, Zeiss, Samsung, LL Vision, Fujikura, ESS, Samsung, etc. The company have also launched the web site for this IR product

J C Michael’s development team told that as Indian weather is different from several other Country they need designed Hardware and algorithms to suit the Indian climate and had developed variation for other international markets.  Already J C Michael Incorporation is selling this product through his distribution network in Brazil, Italy, UAE, USA, Europe, Russia, Croatia, China. aside from India Conspicor system is already utilized in Covid-19 related add UAE, China, Italy, Croatia, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina & Russia.