BlueParrott Enters India launches B550-XT world’s first 100% voice-controlled over the-head headset

BlueParrott B550-XT
BlueParrott, a leader in wireless headset technology (part of GN Audio, also owns Jabra), today announced its entry in India market with the launch of their Enterprise Business segment, engineered to provide superior call quality in high-noise business environments. BlueParrott has been producing superior quality sound solutions for almost 30 years, serving professionals with the highest levels of noise...

GoZero Mobility enters Indian markets launches two E-bikes One & Mile.

GoZero One
We all need bikes to travel from one place to another with rising in population we have also seen a rise in automobiles on the road which had a direct impact on our environment with Air pollution. In cities like New Delhi, one has to wear a mask and move out as the air is highly polluted to overcome...

Wavedio Technologies introduces the new WaveCharge tabletop portable power banks

We all do carry our smartphones with us everywhere we move and forget to carry charger or power banks along with us. Now one of the startup Wavedio Technologies has introduced a new product called the WaveCharge which is a tabletop portable power bank so that one must not worry about the smartphone battery going to die soon.WaveCharge is...

STM Goods Introduces Simply Smarter Essentials in India.

STM Simply Smarter Essentials
STM Goods, a leading designer of innovative bags, cases, and accessories for consumer electronic devices, announced the introduction of its new Simply Smarter Essentials line. This collection of everyday tech accessories is comprised of items that are vital to keeping digital gear running smoothly and efficiently. Consisting of such necessities as power banks, hubs, and cables, Simply Smarter Essentials...

Casio launches the World’s first GST Calculator in India.

Casio GST calculator
Casio India has announced the launch of the world’s first GST calculator. With the introduction of GST in 2017, Casio India adopted the mission to provide a single solution for all GST based calculations. Surveying different Indian markets to understand the nuances of the invoicing process over the past year across the nation, Casio India is introducing two new...

Fossil launches the Fossil Sport Smartwatch runs on Wear OS 2.1

Fossil Sport Smartwatch
Fossil the well know watch brand has now unveiled the latest smartwatch with Fossil Sports Smartwatch in the US. Fossil Sport Smartwatch is priced at $255 (Rs.18,450/-) in the US and will go on sale from Nov 8 through select Fossil outlets and Fossil e-store and will roll out globally starting from Nov 12.The new Fossil Sport Smartwatch comes in two interchangeable...

Sanzar Futureteq launches Gekko Hybrid Smartwatch GX1 in India.

Sanzar Futureteq a start-up has now launched new Gekko Hybrid Smartwatch GX1 in India. As the name implies, the watch is the hybrid of an analog watch and a digital smartwatch that caters to a wide consumer base of teenagers and young adults. It incorporates an analog screen display, provides fitness statistics via a companion app and has notifying capabilities of a smartwatch.The...

Dormio Tinnitus pillows with its inbuilt speakers make your sleep a comfortable experience

DORMIO innovative Tinnitus pillow comes with patented Pentino tinnitus masking sound which trains the patient’s brain to stop noticing the haunting tinnitus noise. In most cases, this constant, intrusive sound leads to sleep disruption. Tinnitus can be greatly relieved by sound therapy.Dormio Tinnitus pillows have speakers inside that connects to tinnitus relaxers or personal music devices are useful as they let...