Latest Electronic Gadgets

When there’s a new gadget in the market, it’s our natural desire to acquire that product and try it to see if it is of any use to us. While costly gadgets may make us think twice before buying them, we hardly care when it comes to affordable gadgets. Most of us would not think much about buying new products that are available below Rs 500. If you have funds to spare and are looking to try something new, here are some of the “latest electronic gadgets” from you can buy under Rs 500.

USB LED light: Available at around Rs 100, USB LED lights can be very useful for typing or reading in the dark. These can also come handy in case of power failure. You can plug it into your laptop and they also work with your power bank.

Gadget organizer: Our gadgets and accessories are often strewn around all over the place, which is unsightly and makes it difficult to locate them. To keep your gadgets and accessories in one place, you can buy a gadgets organizer case available at around Rs 500. This case can store various gadgets and accessories such as external hard disk, USB drives, cables, connectors, chargers, power bank, etc. A gadget organizer would also be very useful when you are travelling.

Screwdriver toolkit: If you like to fiddle with your gadgets, a screwdriver toolkit can be very useful for you. Instead of using crude tools that can damage your gadgets, a screwdriver toolkit will ensure that your gadgets can be opened and closed flawlessly. With a screwdriver toolkit, you can open various gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, speakers, etc.

Bike mobile holder: With a bike mobile holder, you can have easy access to your smartphone when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. You can use it for navigation or tune in to your favourite songs. Taking calls and checking messages will also be a lot easier with a bike mobile holder.

Laptop cooling pad: With the accumulation of dust over the years, our laptops start to heat up. One of the cheapest solutions is to buy a laptop cooling pad that is available at prices starting from around Rs 500. A laptop cooling pad can bring down the temperature of your laptop by around 5° to 10° Celsius.

Not every gadget would work out as advertised. So, before buying the latest electronic gadgets, make sure you read product description and reviews carefully. It is possible that some feature or functionality you were expecting may not be available in the gadget. Choose wisely even if the product may cost just a few hundred bucks.