iPhone Edition’ aka iPhone 8 Leaked

As per iDrops they have got information of upcoming iPhone which will no longer called as iPhone 8 instead will be called at iPhone Edition.iPhone Edition.They also got the prototype of the iPhone which is at the final stage. it comes with radical changes like the fingerprint scanner is now moved behind the phone below the Apple logo. It...

iPhone 8 to launch in September, but in limited quantities.

We have to wait long for the new iPhone 8 to launch.As we have some info leaked the new iPhone 8 is going to launch with iPhone 7S and 7S plus and will go on sale only for limited number of quantity as per info.According to latest report from Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Christopher Hemmelgarn, Thomas O’Malley, and Jerry Zhang, Apple iPhone 8 will...

iPhone 5 SE prices are slashed now selling for INR 19,999

Apple iPhone 5 SE recently saw a huge drop in pricing as a retailer in Kerala is selling the phone at starting price of INR 19,999/- for 16 GB and INR 25999 for 64 GB, but only if you pay using Debit/Credit card payments.As we know Apple has recently started the manufacturing of iPhones in Bangalore within months we saw...