For the first time, the new iPad Air is rumored to come in two sizes, emulating the iPad Pro line. While the next iPad Pro will use OLED technology for its screen, the upcoming larger iPad Air will likely use Mini LED technology like the current iPad Pro.

Display Supply Chain Consultants’ Ross Young provided this information, which is generally considered reliable. With Mini LED, the 12.9″ iPad Air would consume less power, be brighter for HDR content, and have deeper blacks in comparison to its current IPS LCD screen.

As a result of the bad sales of Apple’s current generation iPad Pro, Apple now plans to use some leftover Mini LED panels for the Air, which makes sense when you consider how bad the iPad Pro’s sales have been in recent months. With the larger iPad Air model on its way, those who want a 12.9″ Apple tablet will be able to get one for less money than the Pro.

Even though Young hasn’t revealed the display tech used in the 10.9″ iPad Air, there’s no 10.9-inch iPad Pro in production for which leftover Mini LED panels might have been available. As long as Apple doesn’t switch to 11″, that is.

New iPad Air models will be available next month, along with new iPad Air tablets.