This year, Apple is expected to revamp its smartwatch lineup with a completely new design, advanced health-tracking features, and a new band attachment system.

Gurman suggests Apple might ditch the traditional naming scheme for the new device and call it “Apple Watch X” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Apple Watch.

With the help of graphic designer @ConceptCentral, YouTuber Sam Kohl reviews Apple products under the channel AppleTrack. Based on rumors and leaks, they’ve created renders of what an Apple Watch X might look like.

According to the renders, the Watch X may be 10-15% thinner than current models. According to rumors, the Digital Crown will remain, possibly with an Action Button similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

It might be the new magnetic band system that shakes up design the most. As a result, older bands would no longer be compatible, but there are some benefits beyond just the aesthetic. Currently, the band system occupies precious watch space. With magnetic bands, these bulky components can be eliminated, allowing for a thinner design and more features.

It seems more likely that OLED technology will replace microLED displays due to its lower cost. However, the new OLED panel should be brighter and more power-efficient. As a result, battery life could be extended, addressing a longstanding user concern.

Apple Watch has always been known for its health features. Despite ongoing patent disputes, the Watch X may be the first to offer blood pressure monitoring. It may also monitor sleep apnea.