The iPhone 16 will have a few notable improvements over the iPhone 15 series. There is a new revelation about a lens coating that may improve two key issues with iPhone’s camera. In terms of the camera department, if successful, it will be a significant improvement over its predecessor.

Yeux1122 on the Naver platform claims that Apple is working on an ALD technology, which is an abbreviation for atomic layer deposition. In this method, a thin layer of an element is deposited onto a surface. It also uniformly depositions the entire surface. As a result, this technology is a good fit for the intended purpose. What is Apple actually trying to solve with this layer? Images are mainly affected by lens flare and ghosting.

The lens flare is the phenomenon where light gets reflected (unwanted) from the lens surface in front of the sensor. Eventually, some of this reflected light hits the sensor. Shooting a bright object against a dark background reveals the problem. The reflection of light from the lens surface also causes ghosting.

Apple is developing a coating that reduces the reflective index of the glass surface, thereby reducing haze in the final image. According to the tipster, this new coating will only be available on the iPhone 16 Pro models. As of last year, Apple restricted the titanium frame to its Pro iPhone. In addition, the Dynamic Island was only available on the iPhone 14 Pro.