Sony’s upcoming console, the PlayStation 5 Pro, has been rumored for some time. A recent report by Insider Gaming sheds light on the possible specifications of the gaming console.

According to the leaked specifications, the PS 5 Pro’s CPU will be the same as the standard PS5. There is a new ‘High CPU Frequency Mode’ on the Pro model, however.

As a result of this mode, the CPU’s speed will be increased to 3.85GHz, which is a 10% increase over the standard console’s. There is a chance that the GPU’s performance will be downclocked by approximately 1%.

There is also rumor of a 28% increase in bandwidth on the PS5 Pro. As a result, it will have a speed of 576 GB/s compared to the standard edition’s 448 GB/s.

Memory bandwidth allows faster data transfer between the GPU and the system memory, which results in improved gaming performance and graphical fidelity.

According to leaked PS5 Pro GPU details, performance has skyrocketed. A possible 45% boost in rendering power, 2-3x faster ray tracing performance, and a staggering 33.5 teraflop gain are all on the table.

In addition, specialized hardware is available for ray tracing acceleration. The result is a console aiming for smooth 4K experiences and an 8K vision for the future.

Additionally, the PS5 Pro features better audio technology. According to reports, the Audio Compute Voice (ACV) runs at a higher clock speed, resulting in a performance gain of 35%.

These details suggest that the console will be officially announced soon.