Microsoft announced on March 5th, 2025 that it will no longer support Android apps in Windows 11. There will be no support for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), which was crucial to running Android apps on Windows 11.

In 2021, WSA introduced users to the ease of loading Android apps from the Amazon App Store. Despite its rapid popularity, the feature’s future is uncertain.

A developer documentation update revealed Microsoft’s decision to discontinue WSA support. As expected, the change affects the Amazon App Store and any application or game that relies on the Windows Store App.

As a result of Microsoft’s announcement to stop supporting Android, users will no longer be able to download new Android apps on Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore starting from March 5th, 2024.

However, those who already have apps installed can continue to use them until March 5th, 2025, with updates also available. As of now, it is unclear what will happen after that date. You might lose official support or the apps might stop working altogether.

Similarly, Amazon has confirmed the end of support for Windows 11 after March 5th, 2024. Updates to existing apps can be submitted until the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 shuts down.

Due to Microsoft’s decision, Android apps on Windows 11 remain uncertain. WSA support has been ended for unknown reasons, such as low adoption of the service or technical difficulties.

If you want to run Android apps on Windows, you might want to get back to the basics. You can do this by using emulators created by third parties.