According to a new leak, Microsoft’s rumoured all-digital Xbox Series X is on its way. Images showing the front and back of the console have been sent to Exputers. When compared to the currently available Xbox Series X, the upcoming console has been shown in white, which is a significant difference.

The leaked Xbox Series X lacks a disc reader on the front, as can be easily seen in the pictures. Xbox Series X with a disc drive has the same overall design, including ports. Other details are not revealed in the leak.

According to our previous report, the Xbox Series X is expected to have minor improvements over the current console. An improved heatsink is said to be part of the internal component changes. As a result, the console will be able to dissipate heat better during long gaming sessions.

There is a possibility that the upcoming Xbox Series X will arrive sometime between June and July 2024. Pricing details are unknown, but it is speculated to be $50-$100 cheaper. Xbox Series X with disc is currently available in the United States for $499.