Windows 11

Shortly, Microsoft may launch a new version of Windows called Hudson Valley, possibly marketed as Windows 12. According to multiple sources, the update is expected to be released in the latter half of 2024 and is expected to revolutionize the operating system with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI).

Hudson Valley is currently being tested in the Windows Insider Canary channel and will be released RTM in April 2024.

Hudson Valley is focused on enhancing user experiences using artificial intelligence. Copilot AI assistant and an AI-driven Windows Shell are key features. In addition to improving the search feature, this assistant can also launch applications, manage workflows, and understand context quietly in the background. For optimal performance, AI will be deeply integrated throughout the operating system, requiring new NPU (Neural Processing Unit) hardware. Thus, some AI-focused features may not be compatible with older computers due to increased hardware requirements.

According to IDC, AI PCs with NPUs will reach 81% assembly rate by 2027. AI adoption is on the rise in the PC market, which indicates a trend.

Microsoft’s continued commitment to AI-powered improvements is evident in recent updates to Windows 11, like the Copilot AI update and Background Removal in Paint. Windows update cycles are also reportedly to be updated with a new roadmap.

Hudson Valley is rumored to introduce AI-powered wallpapers with dynamic parallax effects and interactive capabilities. There is also a Super Resolution feature that improves image quality in photos, videos, and games, improved energy-saving mode, and a redesign of the desktop interface with the system tray on top. Hudson Valley’s final name and features have not yet been confirmed.