According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is trying to reverse the decline in sales of MacBooks and iPads. In March 2024, Apple will launch a refreshed Mac and iPad. It is expected that Apple’s upcoming iPads will use the M3 chipset, which debuted with Apple’s MacBook. Nikkei Asia’s latest report reveals that Apple plans to release low-cost iPads in 2024 as well as shifting production to Vietnam.

With Samsung and other brands exporting products from Vietnam to other parts of the world, Vietnam is known as a manufacturing hub after China. As a result of the pandemic, Apple is shifting resources to other countries to have a manufacturing hub outside of China.

The Nikkei Asian reports that Apple will allocate more resources to Vietnam for iPad production, especially for new products.

As part of Apple’s efforts to move production resources to Vietnam, BYD is reportedly one of Apple’s key iPad manufacturers, and will likely construct the upcoming low-cost tablet. According to the report, Apple will likely unveil the low-cost iPad in the second half of 2024.

It is expected that engineering verification of the upcoming iPads will begin in mid-February. Moreover, the report reveals that the upcoming low-cost iPad will be an 11th-generation model.

Apple is looking to expand its manufacturing footprint beyond Vietnam. There is still no word on the exact launch date of Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPad.

Specs & Pricing:

The specifications of the forthcoming low-cost iPads are unknown. There is a possibility that Apple will equip the upcoming low-cost iPad with an improved display over the existing 10th-generation iPad. It is also expected that the low-cost iPad will be powered by an “A1x series” chip.

The forthcoming iPad is expected to retain Apple’s existing design. Bezels will be trimmed down on the upcoming low-cost iPad and a fingerprint scanner will be integrated into the power button. There are also rumors that Apple will improve the camera sensor of the upcoming low-cost iPad. Apple is also expected to announce an upgraded iPad mini in the second half of 2024.

There is a possibility that Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPad might price around the same as the 10th generation iPad, which retails for USD 449 (approx. Rs 37,500).