Xperia Pro-I

Sony launched the Xperia Pro-I in late 2021, so it’s obvious that a successor is needed. According to a new rumor, that might be exactly what the Japanese company is working on. Here are renders purportedly showing the upcoming Xperia Pro-I II, which you can see in this post.

The two huge cameras have led to speculation that it will actually ship with two 1.0″ Type sensors – its predecessor had only one.

According to an alleged line drawing, the Sony Xperia PRO-I II is labeled as “Sony Xperia Pro I II”. From the start, it’s worth noting that this purported schematic was posted on Weibo by an account that is clearly tech-leak-oriented but does not have many followers. A drawing like this wouldn’t have been too difficult, and the labeling seems inconsistent if it was actually an official Sony image (“Xperia PRO-I II”). Still, it’s interesting to see what might be coming to the market in November or December.

As shown here, the rumored 2023 Xperia PRO-I has two impressive-looking sensors, which indicates that it may have two 1-inch cameras. Multi-Tech Media’s concept video (embedded below) also shows the Xperia PRO-I II with two equal-sized sensors.

There’s more! Sony is expected to release a smartphone with a “double-layer transistor stacked pixel sensor” at some point in the future, which will be even larger than the 1.0″ Type. However, it’s unclear if this will appear in the Xperia Pro-I II.