During Meta’s employee preview of its upcoming Twitter competitor, a screenshot of the app was leaked. Rumors suggest the official name of the new social media app may be “Threads”, while the internal name is “Project 92”.

According to the leaked screenshot, the interface looks quite similar to Instagram without images. The upcoming social media app will use Meta’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Chris Cox’s ActivityPub social networking protocol, which will allow users to migrate their Instagram accounts and followers.

Meta’s executive said the app is “our response to Twitter” and will automatically populate profiles with the user’s Instagram account information. Public figures and creators have reportedly requested Meta for a stable Twitter alternative that’s transparently run and secure.

Oprah Winfrey and Dalai Lama have reportedly expressed interest in joining Meta and several celebrities, including DJ Slime, have committed to using the platform. As soon as possible, the new social media project will be available.