Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series design details have been revealed in a new leak. According to the new leak, the company’s upcoming flagship smartwatch will have curved glass.

The information was shared on Twitter by Ice Universe, a known tipster. Samsung’s next-generation smart wearable device is expected to feature the curved glass design from earlier Galaxy Watch models. It is important to note that the display itself is not curved, only the glass panel over it.

Currently, no additional details about the upcoming smartwatch are available, according to the tipster. The Galaxy Watch 6 is set to launch sometime later this year, so we can expect more information in the form of leaks or rumors. Samsung recently filed a patent for a Galaxy Watch that can project its display onto its user’s hand.

Even though it is possible that Samsung will include this feature in its future smartwatches, it is highly unlikely that a smartwatch based on the project will be included in the Galaxy Watch 6. Stay tuned for more updates as we will provide them when additional information becomes available.