TCL Dragon Hinge

Earlier we saw TCL showing the foldable smartphone with a single display that folds inside into a flip phone. Now TCL is developing another foldable smartphone which will feature not one or two but three displays.

As per the source, TCL will launch the first triple-screen foldable display smartphone which will look like Z-shape. Actually the concept might be taken from Galaxy Fold which folds inside but this comes with three displays when unfolded one of the screens acts as main display and one can even work as a laptop by folding the one screen and other two unfolded.

Anyway, the concept looks great but we have to wait and watch how good will this going to be in real life. All the displays are connected with hinges similar to Galaxy Fold actually it has two hinges. When unfolded it will act as a full-fledged tablet. On the back, we have got the quad-camera setup and there is no selfie camera as of now.