The Taiwan Excellence pavilion at the Taiwan Expo 2019 is creating a major buzz as visitors are treated to some sterling products and hi-tech gadgets. The overwhelming response received during the first edition of the Expo urged the participation of Taiwan Excellence this year as well. Scheduled from May 16 to 18 at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

During the three-day event, Taiwan Excellence pavilion will prove to be a major highlight as it showcases a range of tech products that define the innovation of Taiwan. Tapping the fast-growing market in India, several Taiwanese brands have put up a splendid show of some cutting-edge award-winning products from their repertoire, each boasting state-of-the-art technology. The pavilion showcases a range of products such as ICT, healthcare equipment, lifestyle enhancement appliances and gadgets. Visitors have been making a beeline to the pavilion to experience first-hand various Taiwanese brands that are proving to be great attractions

The best of tech companies will display some stellar tech products at the Taiwan Excellence pavilion during the second edition of Taiwan Expo to be held from May 16 to 18 in New Delhi.


Accton-(ML-60-10G-360), the world’s first tri-band 60GHz, 5GHz and 2.4GHz Omni base station for high-performance connections up to 10Gbps. A product from IgniteNet, it is a powerful multipoint base station capable of delivering 10 Gbps aggregate throughput, providing fibre-like connections to many clients simultaneously.


It is an ideal solution for 5G FWA, mobile backhaul, security, and smart city applications. Its 360° coverage and OTA capacity of 16.393Gbps can provide up to 24 interference-free 60GHz links simultaneously.


Edgecore (ASXvOLT16) which is the world’s first disaggregated 10G OLT. It is a 16-10G-port XGS-PON virtual Optical Line Terminal (vOLT) with 4 x 100G/40G QSFP28 fixed ports. The 10G ports, 100G uplink ports, and console/management USB ports are all on the front panel. All 10G ports operate at wire-speed by default and support standard XGS-PON transceivers.


The QSFP28 ports support 100G and 40G operation modes, as well as being configurable as 4 x 25GbE or 4 x10 GbE modes using DAC breakout cables. This vOLT supports redundant hot-swappable PSUs and fans and is available with a front-to-back or back-to-front airflow direction.

Edimax – Edigreen Air Quality Detector

Edimax – Edigreen Air Quality Detector (AI-1001W V3), is a Smart Air Quality Detector with PM2.5, temperature and Humidity Sensors. It comes with the world’s First Modular PM2.5 Sensor Design and is equipped with accurate monitoring of PM2.5, temperature and humidity that allows you to know the air you breathe.

Edigreen Air Quality Detector

It helps discover quality, by providing an air quality level history and trends. It also helps you analyze past readings, observe the present and alerts you when air quality is at health risk levels.

Unite Creative Design

The Unite Creative Design – Medical support diabetes foot’s sock / BaDe-679 contains white bamboo charcoal that provides antibacterial effects. The sock design uses a high tension-free weave method that does not slip off and does not impede blood circulation.

Unite Creative Design

In addition to the smooth distribution of the soles of the PU rubber, the deep soles of the feet can be stimulated to help blood circulation. The tight design of the Velcro socks enables the wearer to be comfortable.


Protectlife International Biomedical – Ennolife – HCA-TE-100 is a cutting-edge analyzer that requires a small volume of blood for testing. With its rapid analytical capability and ease of operation, the analyzer is suitable for designated Point-of-Care locations such as clinics, care centres, nursing homes, ambulance, community health centres, schools, corporate health centres, remote areas, medical and clinical laboratory and other applications.


In addition, based on easy to use, small size, cost-effective advantages, the product also has a high potential for future expansion to the counter-sales (over the counter OTC) and general household. It is also used as an important tool for preventive medicine and personalized healthcare management. The product provides a fast response time (within 15 minutes) to obtain the test results. It has multi-applications such as biomedical, food safety and environmental detection.

Bubbling Plus Surprise Bottle

Bubbling Plus Surprise Bottle from Her Sheng Chang International. Surprise Bottle that can change the taste of any beverage, infusing gas and liquid in one minute instantly enhancing the goodness of the drink. Most people enjoy the relaxation and pleasure brought on by a drink, but never think about changing the sensation it brings as it glides down their throat. Bubbling Plus-Surprise bottle can change the texture of the drink making it gentler and more refined by blending a variety of flavorful gases.

Bubbling Plus Surprise Bottle

There are no additives and the sugar intake is also reduced. Bubbling Plus-Surprise bottle purifies your life, brings the best out of your drink by returning it to its primitive deliciousness. The portable and slender design allows you to enjoy the savoury pleasure of fresh bubbles anytime, anywhere. With a gentle push of the button, no drink will ever be the same.


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