Qualcomm is all set to announce its next flagship chip with SD845 chip. Earlier we had rumors of Qualcomm SD845 to be built on 10nm node and also we had rumors that first lot of the SD845 has already sold out to Samsung.Now, we have new rumors that claim SD845 will be built on the same 10nm process as its predecessor.

Qualcomm has now partnered with TSMC to make their next flagship chips. Earlier reports claimed that Qualcomm and TSMC are working on SoC built on the 7nm process which is now been delayed indefinitely and might not launch earlier than 2019.As per latest rumors, Qualcomm has planned to launch the next SD845 chip with same 10nm LPE process but now the chip is manufactured by TSMC.

The SD845 will be Octa-cores processor with four high-performance Cortex A75 cores and four Cortex A53 power-efficient cores. Now the SD845 chip is rumored to be having the Adreno 630 GPU whereas the SD835 had Adreno 540 GPU.So there might be a huge upgrade in terms of graphics processing this time.There are no details regarding the clocked frequencies as of now, but industry insider claim that the chip will be a minor upgrade when compared with SD835 and will be slightly more power efficient than the predecessor which will provide great battery life.

The SD845 chip has support for dual cameras up to 25MP on both front and back of the device.It will come with Qualcomm X20 LTE modem which supports download speeds up to 1.2Gbps.The SD845 chip is rumored to be launched next month.