As one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, Vivo is gearing up to launch new mid-range devices. Our database contains Vivo’s new “V series” smartphone lineup.

The V30 series was launched earlier this year by the company. Many people therefore expected that the next smartphones would bear the market names, V31 or V33. Vivo’s decision was to introduce the V40 Series. There will be a brand-new smartphone lineup from Vivo.

Vivo’s upcoming V40 series is still a mystery in terms of its technical specs. Vivo V40 series will include three smartphones: Vivo V40 Pro, Vivo V40, and Vivo V40e. A recent interview with a Vivo executive hinted that the V40 series would be a completely different line of smartphones. Vivo chose to name their upcoming smartphone series “V40” for this very reason.

V2347 is the model number of Vivo V40 Pro, while V2319 is the model number of Vivo V30 Pro. According to the database, Vivo V40 has model number “V2348”, while Vivo V40e has model number “V2403”. Previous models have model numbers like V2318 and V2329, whereas the Vivo V30e has model number V2330.