There have been numerous reports in recent months suggesting that Exynos’ upcoming flagship SoC will be more efficient than Qualcomm’s. According to new reports, the Galaxy S25 series will be powered by a 3nm Exynos chip.

Exynos 2500 would be the 3nm chip, according to the source. It is possible that Samsung will include this SoC in its Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ smartphones. The company was reported to be using a “one chipset” strategy last year. As a result, future Galaxy S devices will either be powered by Exynos or Snapdragon. It has, however, lost strength over time.

There will be an Exynos 2500 chipset in the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+, which will be available in most markets around the world. As for the US and some other regions, the versions will use the future Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. As for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, it would continue to be powered by Qualcomm’s next flagship processor.

According to Business Korea, “industry analysts” predict that the Exynos 2500 will be more energy efficient than its Snapdragon counterpart. This would be a major milestone in Exynos’ recent history. It has been lagging behind Qualcomm for a long time, especially in this area.