Home Technology New report reveal the launch timeline of the much-awaited GTA VI.

New report reveal the launch timeline of the much-awaited GTA VI.

The release date of Grand Theft Auto VI has been shortened since Rockstar revealed the first official trailer last December. Take-Two Interactive confirmed when players can expect to play the game in its earnings report.

Grand Theft Auto VI will not release sometime next year; it will arrive in the Fall of 2025, according to Take-Two. Hence, players will have a good idea when the game will be released. After September, you can begin planning to dive into the game, whether you’re playing a physical copy or a digital copy.

It’s likely that the franchise’s biggest fans were hoping for a much closer launch date. However, it isn’t that surprising. Rockstar might still have plenty of work to do with a game as big as Grand Theft Auto VI. It also means that the game will not be delayed until 2026. According to analyst predictions at the beginning of May, the game would launch much later. As a result, Take-Two’s 2025 fiscal year was expected to experience downturns.

It is likely that Grand Theft Auto VI will arrive around September 22 or 23. The launch of the PS5 Pro is another factor to consider. PS5 Pro is expected to launch around the 2024 holiday season. Before Rockstar’s next big game drops, it would have been available for nearly a year.