Ice Universe revealed some details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. An internal display crease will be less visible, and the camera island will be redesigned.

It has also been reported that the Galaxy Z Flip6 will have a smaller crease, which is attributed to its thicker UTG. In addition, the hinge design remains the same as last year, although a redesign is coming.

Samsung may have used the same approach for the Z Fold6 as well. According to reports, the new model will be thinner and lighter, so the hinge might not be able to be redesigned.

Taking a closer look at the camera, Ice shared a close-up of one of the lenses. The ring has a grooved texture around it. There is only a small metal ring around the lenses of the Z Fold5.

This picture allegedly shows the Galaxy Z Fold5, but it should have the same cameras as the Z Fold6. Unlike the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra is supposed to feature a 200MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor.

In early July, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold6 (however many there will be), the Z Flip6 and other new gadgets.