In the coming year, Apple plans to retire the Plus model and launch a Slim version in its place. As far as we know, the iPhone 17 Slim will be thin and similar to the Plus.

A new report today suggests otherwise. As a result, the iPhone 17 Slim will be the most premium, and will therefore be more expensive than even the iPhone 17 Pro Max.

Having recently unveiled the thinnest iPad Pro ever, Apple now appears to be looking to trim down the iPhone as well – and in true Apple style, for a premium price.

The iPhone 17 Slim is reportedly an iPhone X-level leap in terms of Apple’s design language, and by 2025, it’ll definitely be time for a refresh. Apple is expected to make the new iPhone “significantly thinner” than previous models.

Apple is still looking at several options for the design, and it hasn’t been finalized yet. Unlike the Dynamic Island, the rear camera island will probably be moved to the center of the phone. According to the report, the iPhone 17 Slim’s screen size isn’t known yet, despite previous rumors that it will be smaller than the iPhone 15 Plus.

It’s simple – sales numbers are the reason the Plus model will be discontinued after this year. Instead of the Plus iPhone, the Slim iPhone could act like a halo model, attracting more people.