Samsung may launch a new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch FE, according to a recent report. According to reports, the wearable will have similar features to the Galaxy Watch 4. In reality, Samsung might be releasing a rebranded version of the 2021 Galaxy Watch 4, rather than a new FE model.

It was clarified by Max Jambor on X/Twitter that there won’t be an “FE” version and that the upcoming Galaxy Watch will actually be the 2021 model. According to tipster Roland Quandt, Samsung could release a new version of the Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024, in line with an earlier rumor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung releases new iterations of its products regularly. They recently launched the Tab S6 Lite (2024), which is the third version of the original Tab S6 Lite from 2020. There are often similar specs between these updated versions and their predecessors.

It is likely that the upcoming Galaxy Watch will share many features with the Galaxy Watch 4 of 2021 if these reports are accurate.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) could be a worthwhile addition to Samsung’s existing wearable range, depending heavily on its pricing and subtle improvements.

There is no official release date or pricing information for the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024). Samsung may make an announcement or update soon.