During Apple’s upcoming developer conference, WWDC 2024, an AI App Store may be unveiled. It could mark a significant shift in Apple’s AI strategy. Apps and AI features are traditionally developed by Apple and incorporated into its operating systems. Analyst Ben Reitzes, however, believes Apple might prioritize building a platform for AI apps from various developers.

Apple has enjoyed success with app stores like iTunes and the iPhone App Store in the past. While offering their own products, Apple convinced other companies to join these platforms.

Apple WWDC 2021

According to Reitzes, Apple will show off AI apps for purchase at WWDC. The new App Store could include Apple’s own AI assistant (an upgraded Siri) alongside offerings from competitors.

It’s not entirely new to think about an AI App Store. Analysts have suggested Apple might discuss a similar model at WWDC, suggesting it might be discussed internally.

Apple might have spoken with Google and Baidu about adding their AI services to this potential App Store as well.It would be easy to integrate Google’s Gemini AI, already available as an app, into a special AI store.Apple is expected to unveil this new approach to AI at WWDC in early June.