Android phones can be frustrating to find when they are misplaced or lost, particularly when they are switched off. While Find My Device is useful, it has its limitations, especially when the device is not connected. As part of Android 15, Google is introducing a new API for finding devices that have been powered off.

Android Police recently reported on how the API could be used to locate devices even when they’re off. It works by storing Bluetooth beacons within the Bluetooth controller’s memory that have been pre-computed.

For the Bluetooth controller to function even when the phone is completely off, specialized hardware is required. Thus, this feature may also require a small battery reserve.

Initial rumors suggested this feature would debut with the Pixel 9, but an Android Police report claims it will also be available to the Pixel 8 when Android 15 is updated.

As well as hardware requirements, Bluetooth Finder HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) requires significant software engineering efforts. The latest version of Google’s Find My Device system must also be installed and Android 15 must also be updated.

It is less likely that older devices, such as the Pixel Fold, Pixel 7 series, and Pixel 6 series, will receive this feature. The limitations may be purely software-based or due to hardware deficiencies.

In the future, this feature could be extended to select older devices, particularly high-end devices like the Pixel Fold.