With the introduction of URBAN Core Smart WiFi Powerhub Extension power stations, URBAN, A homegrown technology brand aiming to simplify life and enhance everyday experiences through technology, is now venturing into smart charging and home automation.

A dedicated app for remote control and AI Voice Assistant is included with the URBAN Core Smart WiFi. With its smart WiFi extension power station, modern homes can enjoy more convenience, energy efficiency, and security. The smart App on the URBAN Core Smart WiFi Powerhub lets users control and monitor their appliances effortlessly.

This device is compatible with all light home appliances and gadgets, and it provides a real-time energy management system that helps in reducing energy usage. The URBAN Core Smart WiFi Powerhub boasts a massive 4000-watt rated output. This device can automate 7 appliances through its 6-amp power sockets, three fast-charging USB A outputs, and one Type C charging output. Each output can be managed independently, making it very convenient to use.


Its energy-saving features empower users to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. This results in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. It comes with a two-meter power cord, providing flexibility in positioning and making it easier to reach your appliances. This extension plug features a PD Type C Output and two fast-charging USB outputs.

URBAN places a high priority on security. To safeguard your information and ensure your privacy, the extension plug contains encrypted data storage.


URBAN Core Smart WiFi Powerhub is available at an exclusive launch price of only INR 2,499 at all leading retail outlets, on the brand’s website (gourban.in), and on leading e-commerce websites.