Samsung has now brought the Galaxy SmartTag 2 item tracker to the Indian market, after launching it in the global market earlier this month. A revamped Compass View has been added to the SmartTag 2 over its predecessor. This feature displays directional arrows that indicate the location and distance of your SmartTag 2. Any Galaxy smartphone with UWB support can be paired seamlessly with it.


The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 device has been updated with a new design, a longer battery life, and a variety of new features to follow its Galaxy Fan Edition devices. There is now a metal ring inside the design, allowing it to be used for more purposes.

The Galaxy SmartTag2 features a new feature called Lost Mode. Galaxy SmartTag2 owners can enter their contact information, and when the tag is lost, the finder can scan it using NFC on their phone and it will automatically show the owner’s contact information.

Your belongings are easier to find with the Compass View, which points to the exact location of the Galaxy SmartTag2. Only UWB-enabled devices, such as the Galaxy S Ultra series, can use this feature.

Using the Power Saving Mode, the battery life can last for 700 days, twice as long as the previous SmartTag generation. Using Normal mode, it can last for 500 days, which is again 50% longer than the previous generation. According to Samsung, Power Saving Mode is most useful for people who track belongings with the device.

A full-screen map view and a refreshed interface have been added to the SmartThings Find app along with the Galaxy SmartTag2 release. If you use the same Samsung account as your old Galaxy phone, SmartTag2 will automatically sync with your new Galaxy phone.

By leveraging Bluetooth LE, UWB, and Augmented Reality, the app allows you to locate your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 devices using your phone’s camera.

Your privacy was also protected by Samsung. SmartThings Find app will send you “Unknown tag alerts” if someone has planted the tracking device on you, such as when an unknown SmartTag device follows you. SmartTags are protected this way to prevent abuse.


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 costs Rs. 2,799 and is available in black and white colors.