According to rumors, OnePlus will launch its first foldable smartphone, the Open, later this month. A few days ago, an Indian actress was spotted rocking the Open in the open, and today the company officially begins its teaser / hype-building campaign.

Here’s a video from Unbox Therapy featuring OnePlus boss Pete Lau in an interview. OnePlus apparently holds 35 patents on the hinge design of the device.

A sheet of paper was ‘trapped’ inside the OnePlus Open and then the phone was lifted by the sheet of paper, without the phone sliding off. This demonstrated that the OnePlus Open will close without any hinge gap. Despite the massive camera bump, there’s a huge chunk of what looks like cardboard on top of it, so we can’t see the hardware.

Compared to Oppo’s Find N2, the Open has 31 fewer hinge components, helping it be 37% smaller and lighter. Despite not entering the foldable race among the first, Lau claims his company is “bringing the best phone to the race”. As with other OnePlus devices, he promises a fast, smooth experience. Also, the alert slider has been added.

The device was jointly developed by OnePlus and Oppo teams, each contributing unique expertise. Additionally, he mentions multiple ‘go to market’ strategies, which we consider to be a veiled confirmation that Oppo Find N3 in China will be marketed as the OnePlus Open internationally.

OnePlus won’t be releasing a flip phone, at least not yet, because Lau believes the type of user who buys a flip phone isn’t the type who buys OnePlus devices.