We’re getting yet another collection of Pixel 8 leaks this weekend, as a new ad emphasizes why you should switch to Pixel. As of the past couple of weeks, Google has ramped up its Pixel phone ad campaign.

There is now a leaked ad that dives deeper into that topic after the Pixel 8 launches. Posted by Arsène Lupin on Twitter/X, the ad talks about why you should switch to a Pixel 8 and how easy it is to do so.

The first step is switching phones, and Pixel can transfer your apps, contacts, music, photos, and videos, as well as messages, whether they are SMS, iMessage, or WhatsApp.

Following are the features Pixel brings to the table, with a heavy focus on AI given that’s where Google’s attention is clearly focused. A new version of “Best Take” uses AI to change faces in photos, a somewhat controversial feature. Compared to the previous leak, this example offers a much better view of the final product – the previous leaks seem like a bad example, but I guess we’ll have to wait until we see this feature in action before making a proper judgment.

The Magic Eraser is also highlighted, with a note that it works on photos from your previous device, and Google’s other apps and Pixel products (like the Watch and Buds) are also mentioned.

Lupin also shared ads for Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 separately. Pro’s ad emphasizes features such as Video Boost, Night Sight Video, Audio Eraser, Best Take, and Pro Controls. It covers both camera features and Safety Checks in its advertisement for the Pixel 8.