A flexible pOLED display concept phone was one of the standouts from Lenovo’s annual Global Tech World event yesterday. Lenovo believes it is the key to a hands-free experience because it can bend around your wrist or stand on its own.

Despite not sharing detailed specs, we know it features a 6.9-inch diagonal, FHD+ resolution, some noticeable bezels, and a fabric back. Using magnets, the device can be attached to a metal cuff to stay on your wrist. Motorola shares that wearing the flexible phone on your wrist will give you a similar experience to the Razr 40 Ultra, which has a 3.6-inch display and runs full Android apps.

A number of generative AI features were also demonstrated to take advantage of the form factor. You can take a picture of an outfit and receive AI-generated images that can be set as your wallpaper when using MotoAI, which runs on the new concept phone.