With its first three Tensor chips, all of which were built on Samsung’s process nodes, Google has struggled to compete with Qualcomm and Apple in terms of mobile chip performance.

According to a new report, Google will take full control of the Tensor G5 chip’s development and may switch to TSMC’s 3nm process. @OreXda, who has a good track record of providing accurate information about Google’s hardware plans, leaked the information to X (formerly Twitter). According to @OreXda, Google is developing the CPU, GPU, and backend for the Tensor G5 in-house, and the chip will be manufactured by TSMC.

Tensor G5 chip will be fully custom-designed, according to a preliminary report. In other words, Google will have more control over the design of the chip and can optimize it for specific tasks, such as machine learning and photography.

However, the Tensor G4 that will be used in the Pixel 9 series is slightly more advanced than its predecessor.

In 2025, the Pixel 10 series is expected to be powered by the Tensor G5 chip. Despite being two years away, the news that Google is taking full control of the chip’s development and may switch to TSMC’s 3nm process is very promising.