Apple is working on ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its next iOS version next year in an effort to keep up with the AI trend.

Apple is trying to integrate AI into as many apps as possible, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote last week in his Power On newsletter. The technology could also be incorporated into Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 version, which could launch next fall.

Apple released the iOS 17 operating system (OS) last month for eligible devices. As rivals Microsoft and Google have already implemented AI into several of their products, Apple analyst Gurman considers AI to be a “pretty big miss internally.”

AI features on various apps:

It seems likely that iOS 18 will feature some significant AI-based changes based on the latest information. Gurman estimates that Apple will spend close to $1 billion (Rs 8300 crore) per year on generative AI.

Bloomberg reports that “the new features should improve Siri’s abilities to field questions and auto-complete sentences, mirroring recent changes to competing services.”

As a result, Siri and the Messages app will be able to improve AI capabilities by using the large language model (LLM).

Apple will implement AI features using both on-device and cloud-based setup approaches, according to Gurman. “Deploying Apple’s LLMs via the cloud allows for more advanced operations than an on-device approach,” the report said.

According to him, generative AI will be deeply integrated into the company’s Siri voice assistant.┬áThe analyst expressed concerns about Apple’s timely integration of AI features across its product line, even though Apple will debut a completely revamped Siri next year.

Xcode, the company’s integrated development environment for macOS, is also described as integrating AI. Developers can use it to create software that runs on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS. Application development will be boosted by AI features.

Apple Music also has an auto-generated playlist feature. Various auto features could also be incorporated into Apple’s Pages and Keynote apps using generative AI.