The OnePlus Open was rumored to be announced in late August. As a result, delays with the chosen screen supplier (BOE) led to a switch to Samsung panels. It has been a long wait for OnePlus’ first foldable, and it might take some more time. Max Jambor, who is well-versed in OnePlus news, provided all of these reports.

The tipster now shares a new date for the Open unveiling – October 19th. A month from today will mark the two-month anniversary of the original target. It’s also a bit later than the (still unofficial) revised target of September/October.

The company’s first foldable will be unveiled soon, according to OnePlus executives at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023. There is no specific date given, nor are there any spec details, but we should see things on and the company’s forum and social media soon.

Based on the Oppo Find N3, the Open will likely divvy up the world map – the Open goes global, and the Find N3 stays in China (like the Find N2). Oppo hasn’t given us a concrete date for when the Find N3 will be introduced, but it should arrive around the same time.