In a CAD-based render from last week, the Samsung Galaxy A05s was shown with a triple camera – don’t get too excited, it’s just 50+2+2MP. The Galaxy A05, its sibling, is expected to have only two cameras.

There will be 50MP sensors in the main body of both phones. The second camera on the A05 is probably a 2MP helper (most likely a depth sensor, but it may also be a macro camera). It was the same with last year’s A04 and A04s.

There was another difference between the 2022 models in that the “s” phone had NFC while the regular A04 did not. According to the schematic, this will also be the case this year.

There’s no word on the built-in storage yet, but both models should be dual-SIM phones with a microSD card slot. According to the Google Play Console, the Galaxy A05 display will remain at 720 x 1,600 px resolution (20:9), the same as last year (and almost certainly the same as the A05s). It is expected that the displays will be larger than last year, at 6.6″. Like last year, the phones will have 5,000mAh batteries with 15W charging.

There has been no word on when Samsung Galaxy A05 and A05s will be announced