According to a video posted to X, Google has developed a version of Magic Eraser for audio, called Audio Magic Eraser, which lets you remove subjects from the background in your photos.

According to the short clip, Audio Magic Eraser will be available through the Google Photos app, allowing you to remove background noise from videos. In the editor, you can choose how much background sound you want to remove. At least three types of sounds will be identified, namely “Noise,” “People,” and “Music.”

A new blue color is also shown in the video for the Google Pixel 8 Pro. See Audio Magic Eraser in action in the clip above. A few months ago, Google made the Magic Eraser available to all Pixel users.

As long as you have a Google One subscription, it is also available to non-Pixel and iOS users through the Google Photos app. We are unsure whether or not the Audio Magic Eraser will be available for other Pixel and non-Pixel devices.