In South Korea yesterday, Samsung unveiled several new products. Samsung’s lineup includes the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, and the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Samsung is bringing a total of seven products to India. Here are the Indian prices for the new Samsung products.

Galaxy Z Fold5:

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will set you back with a price tag of Rs.1,54,999/- for 12GB+256GB, 1,64,999/- for 12GB+512GB & Rs.1,84,999/- for 12GB+1TB variant. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is now available for pre-order across all leading online and offline retailers, as well as through Samsung Live. Samsung is offering up to Rs 5,000 on upgrades, along with Rs 8,000 in bank cashback. You can also save Rs 10,000 by upgrading to a higher storage variant.

GalaxyZ Flip5:

There are three color options available for the Galaxy Z Flip 5: Mint, Cream, Graphite, and Lavender. The pre-booking period begins today, and you can get up to Rs 12,000 as an upgrade bonus and Rs 12,000 in bank cashback.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 will cost Rs.99,999/- for 8GB+256GB & Rs.1,09,999/- for the 8GB+512GB variant in India.

Galaxy Tab S9 Series:

The new Galaxy Tab S9 will cost Rs.72,999/- for 8GB+128GB & 5G variant at Rs.85,999/-. The 12GB+256GB variant set you back Rs.83,999/- for Wifi & 5G at Rs.96,999/- in India.

The Galaxy Tab S9+ comes in a 12GB+256GB Wifi variant that cost Rs.90,999/- & a 5G variant at Rs.1,04,999/- in India. Lastly, the top-end Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will cost Rs.1,08,999/- for 12GB+256GB Wifi only & 5G variant at Rs.1,22,999/-. The 12GB+512GB variant will cost Rs.1,19,999/- & 5G variant at Rs.1,33,999/- in India.

On all three tablets, pre-booking offers include bank cashback and an upgrade bonus. The Galaxy Tab S9 comes with a cashback of Rs 9,000 and an upgrade bonus of Rs 5,000. Those who purchase the Galaxy Tab S9+ will receive Rs 11,000 in cashback and Rs 7,000 in upgrade bonus. In the case of the Tab S9 Ultra, the cashback offer is Rs 12,000 and the upgrade bonus is Rs 8,000. Samsung’s online store and other leading online and offline retailers will begin taking pre-orders today at noon.

Galaxy Watch6 Series:

The Galaxy Watch6 40mm Bluetooth cost Rs.29,999/- & LTE at Rs.33,999/- in India. The 44mm Bluetooth at Rs.32,999/- & LTE at Rs.36,999/- in India.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic cost Rs.36,999/- for 43mm Bluetooth & LTE at Rs.40,999/- in India. The 47mm Bluetooth cost Rs.39,999/- & LTE at Rs.43,999/- in India.

The Galaxy Watch 6 44mm is available in Graphite and Silver, while the Classic model is available in Black and Silver. The Galaxy Watch 6 series comes with a 6,000 rupee cashback and 4,000 rupee upgrade bonus. The watches can be pre-booked from the same sources as mentioned above starting today.