Samsung is rumored to be working on a smart wearable ring, possibly called Galaxy Ring, for the past year or so. The smart wearable market is relatively untapped, so Samsung makes sense to explore it.

The Elec reports that the company has already completed the development process and will likely begin production by the end of next month. Sources of the necessary hardware have been secured for the Korean tech giant, and it is just waiting to decide when to begin mass production.

Despite production nearing completion, the release won’t happen until 2024. Besides standard regulatory processes, the Galaxy Ring has to go through various certification processes to qualify as a “medical device.” This is similar to the Galaxy Watch series, which now tracks irregular heart rhythms in addition to the ECG.

In 2024, Galaxy Ring is likely to be on the market after these certifications have been completed. It may arrive just in time for the Galaxy S24 announcement.

Samsung trademarked “Galaxy Ring” earlier this year, alongside “Samsung Circle”, “Samsung Index”, and “Samsung Insight”. Reddit user dumbdeniz spotted Ring’s latest appearance in Samsung Health Beta.

It doesn’t reveal much, but this suggests the Ring will track health information.

Samsung’s efforts in this field may soon bear fruit. Galaxy Ring could be coming soon, which would presumably offer fitness tracking capabilities similar to a Galaxy Watch.

However, Samsung Health might also be adding support for other brands’ smart rings by including “Ring Support” in its beta app. There are a few names that come to mind, such as the Oura Ring, the Circular Ring, and the Go2sleep Ring.

Samsung might be planning to do both in the best-case scenario. For the Health platform, it could release the Galaxy Ring and test third-party rings.