Introducing its latest premium HearPods range, Hearmo is the world’s leading smart wearable and hearable lifestyle brand. Among these innovative models are the HearPods MINI, Pro, Pro 2 ANC, and AIR, each designed to enhance sound quality and connectivity. With Bluetooth Version 5.3, advanced ENC technology, and exceptional battery life, these hearables deliver crystal-clear audio, seamless communication, and extended performance endurance. Featuring an enhanced audio experience, these feature-packed HearPods are priced at just Rs. 799.

HearPods Pro 2 ANC:

Among the new lineup is the HearPods Pro 2 ANC, a true feature powerhouse. With the intelligent Pro 2 Active Noise Cancellation technology, enjoy well-defined bass, crisp mids, and sparkling highs. Due to Bluetooth version 5.3, the Pro 2 ANC offers a low latency of up to 50-60 ms, ensuring smooth audio transmission.

Featuring a 10mm dynamic driver with AAC support, the earpods ensure an immersive listening experience. With four MEMS microphones integrated, each conversation is crystal clear.

HearPods MINI:

With its elegant and sophisticated design, the HearPods MINI fits snugly into the ear canal. Featuring a 13mm dynamic driver and two MEMS microphones, these earpods deliver a captivating audio experience. Mini’s 14-hour battery life and handy USB-C charging connector ensure non-stop fun during the day.

With intuitive touch controls, users can effortlessly manage their music and calls, adding a touch of modernity to their audio indulgence.

HearPods Pro:

Hearmo’s HearPods Pro delivers Hi-Fi sound quality at an entry-level price. Noise-canceling technology and Bluetooth Version 5.3 ensure crystal-clear music and calls. For extended wear, the semi-in-ear design provides a comfortable fit.

These earpods feature a 13mm Dynamic Driver and advanced ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology for excellent sound performance. For a variety of active pursuits, their IPX4 water and sweat resistance makes them ideal.

HearPods AIR:

You’re about to discover a world of boundless sound with the HearPods AIR. The AIR features soul-stirring sound and advanced ENC adaptation for lightning-fast access to superior audio. Users can enjoy their favorite music for longer thanks to the ASAP 3C Fast Charge.

HearPods AIR comes equipped with Bluetooth Version 5.3 and noise-canceling technology for seamless, clear audio. With a 13mm driver, these earpods deliver ultra-low latency and up to 24 hours of battery life.


The flagship HearPods Pro 2 ANC is available in offline retail outlets for Rs.1699 at the moment. HearPods MINI, HearPods Pro, and HearPods AIR are also available for purchase on the company’s website and in leading retail outlets, priced at INR 799, INR 1199, and INR 1299, respectively.